Stephen Stills is receiving raves for his new career-spanning four-CD, career-spanning box set, called Carry On. The exhaustive set was compiled by Graham Nash and longtime Crosby, Stills, & Nash photographer and collaborator, Joel Bernstein. Nash had previously compiled his own 2009 triple-disc solo retrospective, Reflections, David Crosby's 2006 three-disc collection, Voyage, Stills' 2007 vault release Just Roll Tape: April 26th, 1968, as well as CSN's 2009 Demos collection.

Stephen Stills explained to Rolling Stone why he felt Nash was the only man to put Carry On together, saying, "He's got the patience. It's also an organizational skill. He's got that kind of mind. He's got filing skills, if you will. He's got a great memory and he can listen to all this stuff -- hours and hours and hours. He would find these chestnuts -- I wouldn't have had the patience.