Sioux Falls Police took the extraordinary step to close off a portion of 11th Street in response to a stabbing at the Lucky Lady Casino Tuesday afternoon.

The incident happened around 1:00 PM and because of the location of the incident and an ensuing search of a residence near 11th Street and Duluth Avenue. Caution tape blocked off the perimeter between Lucky Lady Casino and the residence for multiple hours while officials conducted the investigation.

Sioux Falls PD took to Twitter to assess the situation.

From the initial reports, it does not seem that the injuries are life threatening and the two people involved knew each other. Police know who the suspect is but have neither identified nor taken the person into custody.

Unfortunately the Lucky Lady Casino has been on a cold streak as of late. In April of this year it was the location of the murder of Baptiste Paul White Eyes which touched off a manhunt for Jared Stone who was believed to have committed the crime.

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