Paul McCartney says he has tried to see the humor in having the plug pulled on him and Bruce Springsteen at London's Hyde Park back in June. Due to a curfew, promoters turned off the sound while the two Rock and Roll Hall of Famers were singing "Twist and Shout."

McCartney tells NME, "You’ve gotta have a laugh. I was just apologetic [and said], ‘I’m sorry, man, only in Britain!’ You can’t imagine in New York [or] somewhere like that, them pulling the plug."

McCartney adds, "Everyone in America was going to me 'Is it true, man? They pulled the plug on you and Springsteen?!' I'm saying ‘Yeah, well, you know, just some guy: some bloody jobsworth!"

["Jobsworth" is derisive British slang for a worker who just does as he's told.]