Bruce Springsteen will once again hit the campaign trail for President Obama later this week, according to Reuters. "The Boss" who stumped for Obama in 2008 during his first presidential campaign, will make appearances in both Ohio and Iowa on Thursday (October 18th). It's unclear whether Springsteen volunteered or was asked for his support by the Obama-Biden ticket due to Obama running neck in neck with Mitt Romney in various national polls.

Springsteen, who kicks off his next North American leg on Friday (October 19th) in Ottawa, told us that he believes his role as an American songwriter extends far beyond the entertainment community in which he works: "You're supposed to remain interested in the world. Y'know, my job was always to put you in somebody else's shoes and, and have you walk a while in those shoes, I've said a lot in the past. You're out there, and you feel what's in the air out there, and you feel what's on people's minds. People are looking for ways to have a dialogue about these ideas, about these issues. They're looking for ways to try to get a handle and, and make sense of, of what's happening, you know? And I think that music and film and, and art has a service to perform in, in that fashion."