Bruce Springsteen has posted a special video of "Dream Baby Dream" on his website and YouTube to thank fans for coming out to his Wrecking Ball tour, which began in March of 2012 and ended this September 21st in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The five-minute clip, featuring a new recording of the song, mainly highlights the audiences at the shows -- although everyone in the E Street Band is seen at least once. Footage of Springsteen being held aloft by the crowd in a spread-eagle position recurs a number of times. The final three shots are a photo of the late Clarence Clemons, Bruce walking slowly towards the camera with his arms dangling at his sides and a crowd applauding.

In a personal thank you note on his website The Boss gives shout-outs to various factions in his fanbase, then says that collectively they've "reignited in us a great passion for what we do... so until we meet again, stay hard, and we'll see you up the road."

Springsteen and the E Street Band have one appearance left this year, at November 6th's Stand Up for Heroes Benefit at Madison Square Garden. They'll tour Australia and New Zealand in February 2014.