According to the Beer Institute, total consumption of beer in the United States has fallen for a third straight year.

I blame myself. A couple of six-packs will get me through the entire year. I usually have a cold one on the patio to admire a freshly mowed lawn. Thanks, honey! Or maybe a Saturday night NASCAR race. That's about it.

I let us all down. Just like I let my 3rd grade dodgeball team down. Just give me a colossal wedgie now.

Point is, I just don't drink much beer...anymore. I'm simply too busy trying to be a good dad.

Okay, I won't be too hard on myself. After all, South Dakota still ranked quite high.

Here's a rundown of top-10 beer drinking states in the country - with the top 3 states drinking more than 40 gallons per person per year.

  1. New Hampshire
  2. North Dakota
  3. Montana
  4. South Dakota
  5. Nevada
  6. Wisconsin
  7. Vermont
  8. Texas
  9. Nebraska
  10. Delaware

Dang it, North Dakota, if you didn't have that oil thingie going for you, we would have caught you.