The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism has released their latest figures on the states most likely to have a drink or two and South Dakota has cracked the top 10. Cheers!

The Institute uses a formula that divides total alcohol sales by state by census population numbers of all persons 14 or older (they know all about underage drinking) to come up with their list.

According to their figures,the average U.S. citizen drinks about two and a quarter gallons of pure alcohol, which equates to 199 beers, sixteen 25-ounce bottles of wine and seven liters of vodka!

On to the results that find South Dakota as the #10 drunkest state in America, but #4 in beer consumption! South Dakotans consumed 2.75 gallons per person in 2012. That comes out to 267 beers per person (although I know a few people that helped raise that rate by themselves!) We also went through 11 bottles of wine per person and 9 bottles of spirits! Sounds like a 4th of July weekend at the lake with my friends.

Here's the rest of the top 10:

9 - Vermont (drunk skiing, the new Olympic sport)

8 - Montana (Big Sky Country is apparently Big Buzz Country)

7 - Alaska (with stretches of night that last for days, yeah, I'd be drunk too)

6 - Wisconsin (Wine and Beer does go well with cheese)

5 - North Dakota (and we HATE to lose to North Dakota in anything!)

4 - Nevada (Thinking all those Vegas visitors might've pumped those numbers up)

3 - Delaware (don't know if I could find Delaware on a map. That inferiority must lead to drinking)

2 - District of Columbia (That explains a LOT, doesn't it?)

1 - New Hampshire (where there is no tax on alcohol, and retailers only pay 30-cents per gallon of beer and $2 a gallon for wine and spirits)  As a comparison to South Dakota, New Hampshire residents consume 318 beers, 36 bottles of wine and 19 gallons of spirits!

Looks like the next kegger is in New Hampshire!