Being a gold member has its privileges, and that will be the case here in South Dakota if the Governor signs House Bill 1190 into law.

What is HB 1190? It's a bill that allows South Dakota gun enthusiasts to purchase a firearm more quickly, with less paperwork and hassle.

State senators voted unanimously 33-0 for the measure on Monday. The House of Representatives previously passed it 66-1.

If approved, first time gun buyers and previous gun owners in South Dakota can apply for “gold card” privileges. By doing so, they would submit to national criminal background checks in advance and provide their fingerprints to the government at the same time.

Anyone that has a gold card permit would already meet the minimum ATF requirements. Meaning gun purchasers could take their weapon immediately. They would no longer need to fill out the federal questionnaire and could also forgo the NICS background check when purchasing a firearm.

Another big advantage, it would also allow South Dakota gun owners to carry concealed pistols. South Dakota already has concealed pistol permits and enhanced concealed carry permits.

Several states in the nation already use some version of the gold card system.

South Dakotans wishing to acquire a gold card permit would need to pay $70.

HB 1190 is now aimed at the desk of Governor Dennis Daugaard for his consideration.

Source: Rapid City Journal

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