Slash has confirmed his participation in the upcoming "Band Fuse: Rock Legends" video game. He confirmed the video game on Twitter. The new game is reportedly like Rock Band and Guitar Hero however, the problem with those games was that according to actual Rock and Roll legends, they did not properly exemplify the real experience of playing in a rock band. Reportedly, Band Fuse: Rock Legends is set to break that mold.

Reportedly, between one and four players can take part at the same time and play along to the music as it would typically be read by musicians as they learned themselves. Slash said, "Hands down, best guitar game."

Slash, Zakk Wylde and Bootsy Collins have reportedly filmed their own tutorials within the game to teach players how to play certain tracks.

The game reportedly features 55 songs and includes acts like Rush, Pantera, Pearl Jam and Jane's Addition.

Band Fuse: Rock Legends will be available on Xbox and Playstation 3, this coming spring.