Slash revealed via Facebook on Tuesday (October 2nd) that he was going into the studio to begin recording the score for Nothing To Fear, the first horror film from the guitarist's Slasher Films production company. Slash wrote that the score was "really coming together . . . sounds awesome so far." The film itself has been directed by Anthony Leonardi III, a creature and storyboard artist who also recently directed the video for Slash's single "You're A Lie." Nothing To Fear began shooting last May in Louisiana with Anne Heche and others confirmed for the cast.

Slash is a massive fan of horror movies and told us that he thinks the genre as it stands now needs to shake things up: "It's just like anything else. You go through these periods where the money issue becomes 'Okay, we can just keep making franchises because it's a guaranteed sell.' But there's still movies in the background that are still really good, they're just fewer and farther between during this whole period. So it takes something to sort of give it a kickstart and change the genre a little bit, if only for a minute."

Slash told us a while back that Nothing To Fear had a "really good production team, the special effects people are great, the cast is great, the story's great -- everything's great about it."
Nothing To Fear has already been picked up for distribution by Anchor Bay Entertainment.
The movie is the first of a proposed series of horror films produced by Slash's company, which he launched last year in partnership with two other producers.

Slash and his band wind up their current U.S. tour on Wednesday night (October 3rd) in Los Angeles before heading over to Europe later this week.