As kids, we all played dodgeball in gym class. In my elementary school, we would play outside in the drained cement pool during the cooler seasons too.

In 2004, the game made a comeback thanks to Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughan with the movie 'Dodgeball'. (an admitted guilty pleasure movie!)

Then in 2012, Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Parks around the country decided to start their own 3D Ultimate Dodgeball Championships at their locations around the country with the winners advancing to Las Vegas for the tournament.

And now that Sioux Falls has a Sky Zone location (5129 South Solberg Avenue) there will be a qualifying tournament held here on June 23rd with the winning team earning the opportunity to go to Las Vegas in August to compete for $50,000!

Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park, creator of the world’s first all-trampoline, walled playing court and the sport of Ultimate Dodgeball, will host the Third Annual Ultimate Dodgeball Championship Friday, Aug. 8 to Sunday, Aug. 10 at Sky Zone Las Vegas. $50,000 in cash prizes will be up for grabs amongst the final eight teams, which will compete in the championship bracket Sunday following the regional brackets Friday and Saturday. The Ultimate Dodgeball event combines the high-flying action and athleticism of Sky Zone’s patented playing courts with the tradition of regular dodgeball. The championship bracket will be filmed and later broadcast throughout the U.S.

For more information on the Sioux Falls tournament, call (605) 553-9910 or
Register Online Here

Check out dodgeball taken to the next level in the video below, then get your teams together! You can find out everything you need to know on their website here.