Police say a woman they describe as a transient was assaulted shortly after 4am Tuesday as she and a friend were walking in central Sioux Falls.

Police Information Officer Sam Clemens says the 27-year-old woman told officers she and the man were walking in the area of 18th Street and Second Avenue at the time.

Clemens says the two had been drinking and the man wanted to get more alcohol.

When the woman didn't want any more, Clemens says the man pushed her to the ground and hit her with a rock.

The woman got up and ran, and she was able to flag down a passerby and ask that person to drive her to the police station.

On the way they spotted a squad car and were able to flag the officer down.

Clemens says the woman was taken to a hospital, but she didn't want to give officers the name of the assailant, who had also taken her credit card.

Clemens says police believe they know the man's name, but no arrest had been made as of mid-morning Tuesday.