Ladies and gentleman, I think we've found a future winner for the Cheapskate of the Year Award.

A Sioux Falls businessman described as a "pro haggler" was featured on the new show "Extreme Cheapskates" on TLC.

The episode, aired Tuesday night, showed Abdul Mohammed haggling prices for fast food at Burger Time in Sioux Falls, to the price of gasoline, even an anniversary cake for his wife!

We all like to save money, but he takes things to the extreme. His wife, Shauna, says he'll haggle anything and it's a great source of embarrassment to her.

Abdul describes himself as a successful businessman who runs a hot dog stand called the Wiener Wagon. He has a tried-and-true technique he uses when business gets slow: he pulls out his giant stuffed hot dog.

When I pull out my wiener, that's when the magic happens," he says.


"Extreme Cheapskates" airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on TLC.