On Friday November 15th the Sioux Falls School Board expanded it's policy to require middle school students to say the Pledge of Allegiance.

To quote one of the board members: "At the High School level there is not always an opportunity to have the Pledge of Allegiance spoken everyday".  Which I would interpret as meaning that there is a difficulty, at the high school level, to find an opportunity to have all the kids say the pledge.  Kids schedules vary greatly in high school.

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Fox News and other media outlets interpreted this as a "Not Enough Time" issue rather than a "Scheduling Issue".  This coverage has apparently prompted death threats against Sioux Falls School Board Members.

According to the Argus Leader:

Phone numbers for Sioux Falls School Board members have been removed from the school district’s website in an attempt to quiet the sometimes menacing calls from people upset about a recent policy revision related to the Pledge of Allegiance. Some board members and their families say they have received threats since a Nov. 12 vote that updated policy to require middle schools to recite the Pledge daily. A group of veterans wanted the district to make it mandatory in high schools as well, and national media coverage of the issue has brought a flurry of complaints. Todd Thoelke said he received death threats by phone among the more than 100 phone calls and 100 emails from all over the country. One said they would come to his home and “eliminate” him and his “un-American family.”

“I ran for this office. I am extremely proud to hold this position and still am, because I’m here to do good, not here to do bad,” Thoelke said. “But my family did not sign up for this. ... My girls have been terrified.”

Thoelke said security measures at his workplace were reviewed last week because of a threatening call received there.

This was posed on facebook.


I understand the feeling of patriotism and the need to recognize the sacrifice of those who have given so much to this great country.  Let me suggest that this is maybe a "Parenting" not a "School" issue.  How about parents taking a little responsibility?  How about suggesting that parents stand with their kids at home on a daily basis and recite the Pledge of Allegiance?  Or is it just too crazy to suggest that parents, not schools, should actually be responsible for the parenting of their own children?