The debate is not over regarding the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance in the Sioux Falls School District.  In fact the School Board has gathered more information and is identifying what it means.

Understandably, the Sioux Falls School Board is still stinging from the national attention thrust upon them in the Flag Pledge debate.  As elected officials, they have taken a bold step to gather more information.

Doug Morrison the School Board President appointed a phone survey of parents of children in the Sioux Falls Public Schools.  Prior to the hoopla, Morrison said that the potential change in policy was in circulation just as it had been in the past and very little input was gleaned from the community during the process.  “In high school for decades we didn’t have (the pledge) on a daily basis in the classroom.  We had it out there for 30 days and didn’t hear anything.  The last thing we want to do is five board members putting policy in based on their personal beliefs.”

Morrison believes making that extra stride was the next logical step and will be more representative of what the public wants.  “We try to draw out feedback and just posting a policy apparently doesn’t do that.  We have gone forward and did a phone survey to all the parents in the district.  We’re in the process of looking at those because the recent climate survey we did told us we need to improve on is involving our community in the decisions that we make.”  So it is possible that if the parents wish to have the Flag Pledge added to the school day at the high school level, the School Board will follow those wishes.