The Sioux Falls Humane Society announced today (April 30) that Operation Feed-A-Pet was a HUGE success over the weekend.

From Friday April 26 through Monday April 29, people in and around Sioux Falls donated 6,450 pounds of dog food and 2,300 pounds of cat food. Through Operation Feed-A-Pet, Lewis Drug in Sioux Falls is matching the donations pound-for-pound, bringing the total to 17,500 pounds!

“We are so excited to see how generously people responded to the call for help and we’re honored to be part of the community based solution,” said Mark Griffin, president and CEO of Lewis Drug. “We’ve received calls from as far away as Arizona, from people who heard about Operation Feed-a-Pet and want to help.”

The Humane Society is ordering a portable storage unit to hold all of the donated pet food. Once it is ready, Lewis will deliver the hundreds and hundreds of bags.