Sioux Falls Fire Marshall Dean Lanier says each year on Thanksgiving Day there are more than 4,000 fires in homes across the country.  In fact, Lanier says the number of cooking fires that occur on Thanksgiving is more than double the number of fires that occurs on an average day.

Here are fire safety tips from Dean:

Never leave the stove unattended while you are cooking.  A pan of cooking oil can ignite in just a few seconds.

Keep children away from the stove while you are cooking.  Make it a practice to keep a safe zone of three feet around the stove that is child free.

Keep a fire extinguisher within 10 feet of the stove.  Place it on the side of the room with the exit.

Never put water on a stove top grease fire.  Water causes a grease fire to expand.

Fire Marshall Dean Lanier says following Thanksgiving safety tips can help keep you and your family happy and safe during this festive time of family celebrations!