During a Sioux Falls News Conference on Tuesday, city officials reminded residents to consider their neighbors during this fall's time of property cleanup and as winter approaches.

Kevin Smith, Assistant Director of Planning and Building Services, put it this way:  "Sioux Falls, your neighbors are counting on you.  People rely on you to shovel your sidewalks for their safety.  Sometimes this time of year creates a burden for people who are older or have disabilities, and we want to remind neighbors to help each other out if they need assistance."

Smith offers several tips to follow to be a good neighbor in Sioux Falls:

Keep your yard clean, including mowing the lawn in the summer and shoveling your sidewalk in the winter.

Maintain your home:  keep it in a safe, sanitary, and decent condition by painting your house, raking leaves, disposing of pet waste, and picking up trash.

Park your car where it belongs: in the garage or driveway or on the street.

Help your neighbors if they need assistance.