Most times movie watching involves settling into your chair with a bucket of popcorn and a soft drink.  Cinema Falls hopes to do more than that with thought provoking and conversation inducing events.

Julie Anderson Friesen is the catalyst behind the movement to bring a wider scope of film making to Sioux Falls.  She is dubbed the “Mayor” of Cinema Falls as the one who scours the ranks of independent film studios to bring these works to the area.  By doing so, it expands the viewing experience for anyone who wants to see more than the regular Hollywood fare.

This weekend’s feature has some award buzz associated with it.  Chasing Ice is a documentary that chronicles in time-lapse photography using 20 cameras over a series of years the changing of ice and glaciers above the North Pole.  The film is on the short list of Academy Award nominations for best documentary.  Additionally Chasing Ice has not been released nationally.  Anderson Friesen appeared on Viewpoint University to talk about the film and says you have the chance to be ahead of the national curve.

Julie Anderson Friesen Touts Chasing Ice

Another reason to consider seeing shows at Cinema Falls is that viewing these movies in the setting at the Icon Lounge gives you that big city feel in Sioux Falls.  Anderson Friesen says the atmosphere is electric and it allows people to express their feelings.

Julie Anderson Friesen Describes Cinema Falls Experience

Chasing Ice has already won 15 film festival awards and will be on the screen Sunday evening December 16 at the Icon Lounge 402 N. Main.  Show time is at 6:30 pm and the social hour begins at 5:30 pm.  An additional benefit to the experience will be door prizes provided by local businesses.  Get more information about Cinema Falls by clicking here.