Did you know that there has not been a Cinnabon in Sioux Falls since the store that used to be in the Empire Mall closed?  Did you know there are 880 calories in a Classic Cinnabon?  Did you know the average adult should consume no more than about 2300 calories a day?  Did you know if you ate 1 Classic Cinnabon for breakfast, lunch, and supper that would satisfy your daily caloric intake?  Of course you would die.  But what a way to go!

Did you know that the Pilot Flying J truck stop just off of I-29 in northwest Sioux Falls will start a remodeling project next month to add a Cinnabon bakery?

Co-manager Lisa Weaver said the work is expected to begin March 3 but she wasn't sure how long it would take to complete the project.  "We'll just be rearranging a few things to make room for it," she said.  Flying J employees will bake the cinnamon rolls at the truck stop.  Source [Sioux Falls Business Journal]

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