Hey, everyone loves a good 'rack.' Check out these pictures from our 'Show Us Your Rack' contest.

  • WINNER: Matt Pruner, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

    Was hurt 5 years ago in a swimming accident. I started hunting again 2 years ago. I had no success last year, but this year bagged this nice 4×4 with my wheelchair mount from Buckmasters. I'm very fortunate to have a dad and brother that make my hunts happen!

  • Mike Jahnke, Sioux Falls, SD

    The buck is only a spike buck, the one on the right but the amazing piece is that Steve shot these 2 deer with a muzzleloader in one morning. He is a paraplegic as you can see. Attached is another pic of his buck shot with his crossbow in September. As a paraplegic he has to get up much earlier than any other hunter would even think of to get ready to go out. He has many great racks in his basement. I hope you consider him for the ribs. Thanks, Mike

  • Bob Uecker, Sioux Falls, SD

    This 4x5 Whitetail was taken just south of Woonsocket, SD. A bit atypical but a very nice Rack. Should make for a very nice soup!!!

  • Blake Hanisch, Sioux Falls, SD

    My first Pope & Young archery deer!

  • Joey Schrepel, Madison, SD

    Hope the pic sends alright. We have pictures of this deer on trail camera. Passed up smaller ones during bow hunting & the first day of rifle. Got it with one shot

  • Greg Staton, Sioux Falls, SD

    Archery Linn County Kansas November 15, 2012

  • Ron Heller, Brandon, SD

    My Muley Buck was shot on November 12, 2012, near Kyle, SD, on a friend's ranch. It is a 4 X 4. Scored right at 150. Nicest buck I have ever shot and it is definitely going on my wall.

  • Kevin Fluit, Brookings, SD

    This year I was fortunate enough to draw my first buck tag in South Dakota. My buddies and I saw this buck chasing two does into a walk-in area in Clay County, South Dakota. My friend and I then walked-in about 250 yards into the edge of some cattails, when all of the sudden the two does bust out with the buck right behind them. Using my AR-10, shooting .308 Winchester, I fired a round, thinking I missed, I went to fire again and all I heard was a click, my rifle failed to eject the brass from my first shot! I quickly dropped my magazine, cleared the chamber and all I had was one round left, I pulled the rifle back to my shoulder, got the buck in the rifle scope, about 65 yards out and pulled the trigger. I managed to get a great shot and the buck stopped in his tracks. I could not have been more excited! This was a great experience and this buck will be going on the wall!

  • Jason Steinberg, Tea, SD

    3 x 3 Buck shot in South Dakota on the national grasslands. After about a five mile walk We finally caught up to this Buck. Loaded him onto the deer cart and took this photo!

  • Kevin Foht, Sioux Falls, SD

    Shot at 7:45 am opening morning.Would have been 5x7 but 2 tines were broke off.

  • Cody Wilmarth, Colton, SD

    Went all the way west river for a week and didn't see anything. Came home and found this in my back yard. Shot with a bow. Scored a 181 at pope and young. Record for the second biggest deer in South Dakota and may possibly be the first.

  • Tom and Carly Fritz, Detroit Lakes, Minnesota

    Grandpa and Granddaughter each shot an eight point buck.

  • Bo Martin, Madison, South Dakota

    It is a 6x5 and scored 150" shot on October 23rd with my Mathews Z7.

  • Cory Carpentier, Mitchell, South Dakota

    This buck has been watched for the last 4 years and I finally made it happen November 1st with a bow. He is a main frame 4x4, 7x8 overall taken at 15 yards!

  • Paul Tunge, Monroe, South Dakota

    5x7 mulee

  • John DeNeui, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

    This post is in memory of "Doc" she was my guide/hunting buddy and friend. She died about 15 minutes before I bagged this buck. More to the story, but this will surfice.