Hey, everyone loves a good 'rack.' Check out these pictures from our 'Show Us Your Rack' contest

  • Lloyd Cramer, Lennox, South Dakota

  • Jim Kapperman, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

    Have been a hunter all my life, have a spinal cord injury from an accident 15 years ago and decided to try to get back into deer hunting. Scored this nice 4 x 4 buck from a deer blind on Sunday morning, November 25, 2012 7:30am.

  • Matt Pump, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

    5x5 from Tulare. Shot opening day east river rifle

  • Jeff Groth, Parker, South Dakota

    5x5 opening weeked with my sixyear old son giving me words of wisdom about shot placement. Thanks again buddy.

  • Jared Goebel, Pipestone, Minnesota

    Very lucky to have gotten this big guy. Was posting one night on edge of our property when another hunter came and sat on his property within 40 yards of me. I decided to move to another grove a mile away, and 15 minutes after I sat this guy came 20 yards from me. I went back to thank him for causing me to move. lol

  • Candace Conner, Lennox, South Dakota

    This is my First Buck, got him on the last day of Buck Season in Aurora County. Had a great time, I love to hunt. Can't wait til next year!!!

  • Nate Wildeboer, Chancellor, South Dakota