Great news for Sioux Falls!  Dr. Elliot Eisenberg, a nationally acclaimed economist and public speaker, shared his upbeat message during the recent annual Visitor Industry Luncheon (sponsored by the Sioux Falls Convention and Visitors Bureau).

Dr. Eisenberg says the economy is on the mend!  "We've come back from this near death experience end of '08 and early '09 when things were really terrible.  It's come back and now it's as good as it's even been. I think we've really recovered on those fronts.  Companies are spending and loosening up the budgets for travel."

Dr. Eisenberg says the future looks great for Sioux Falls!  "Look for more business.  Attract more conventions and meetings.  Create more cultural events that will tell people 'hey, this is a great city.  I want to come to Sioux Falls.  I'm prepared to fly here, to drive here, whatever it takes.  The bottom line---selling the benefits of Sioux Falls to convention meeting plans and individuals will pay off big time!"

Aside from Dr. Eisenberg, Katie List with Southwest Airlines presented "Customer Service at 30,000 Feet" during an Educational Seminar.