If you are afraid of spiders, you might not want to go any farther.  This short video, posted by Arizona's Katrina Dewees,  will make anyone with arachnophobia squeal.

Obviously, Dewees is not afraid of the 8-legged creature that starts the video tucked nicely inside her MOUTH.

The blond smiles at the camera, and then remains completely calm as a Golden Huntsman spider scoots out of her mouth and rests on her cheek.  Dewees then gives a playful smile to the camera before the video is over.

If you lasted this long and made it through the video, you might not be overly concerned with the woman's safety.  But for the record, the Golden Huntsman spider is not dangerous.  It is one of the largest spiders in North America, however, and is often called a giant crab spider because of the size and the way they look.  By the way, a Golden Huntsman spider can grow to have a 12-inch leg span.