On the East side of Sioux Falls, it seems the line between country and city is Highway 11.  When I heard about Reinbow Stables coming to an end at the intersection of E. Arrowhead and Highway 11, my first concern was that the place would give way to bulldozers followed by another big box store.  Thankfully you'll be able to continue your drive through the area and catch a glimpse of horses grazing in the pastures for many years to come.

Beth Warden

Reinbow Stables has been sold to Tyler and Jenny Tjeerdsma.  They're tidying things up and have a lot of energy to bring the Stables into its next chapter as Rugged Cross Stables.
The iconic Reinbow sign just went down as the Tjeerdsma family have replaced it as they embark on their adventure. The whole family is working together to care for horses and their families.