The high tech world keeps spinning. And the battle of who can come up with the newest creation may be getting out of hand.

Company wars, like the one between Samsung and Apple, finds Samsung making the latest move. They introduced the Galaxy S4 on Thursday.

The question is, how far will technology take us? If the world keeps producing changes at the pace it has, what will things look like in say, 50 years?

Kind of scary when you think about it. And how different will people be?

At any rate, let's talk about a couple of the newest features for the world now on this latest device. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has what is called the floating touch, that allows you to use the phone by having your finger over it, but not touching it. There's also scroll-free reading, where the computer uses your eyes to automatically scroll down as you read.

I used to enjoy watching 'Star Trek' as a way of exercising my imagination. But now I fall asleep watching Captain Kirk using his obsolete stuff.