Sammy Hagar says he has a "stick up his a--" when it comes to Motley Crue singer Vince Neil.

It has nothing to do with music, but rather with tequila, which they both sell. Hagar says, "Vince Neil has a place called the Something Cantina in Vegas and acts like he never even heard of Cabo Wabo. My name is never in his articles [about tequila]. It's OK. But that sort of thing does put a little stick up my a--, I must admit."

Hagar says, "My wife always tells me to shut up when I start bitching about somebody not mentioning me in one of those liquor articles. She goes, 'Shut up. You did it. You were first. You've got more money than you could ever spend. What is your problem?' I don't know. I just want respect." He cites Toby Keith and Jimmy Buffett as artists with liquor companies who do respect him.