Rourke Suicide is a 23-year-old Suicide Girl from Ohio, proving that the US Midwest has its share of beautiful ladies who love “getting tattooed, getting naked, eating, traveling.” What a wonderful country!

Rourke Suicide also believes she is a time traveler, which begs the question: Is she from the future or the past? Because, there were not many women like her in, say, the post-Civil War US.

Also, if tattooing was popular in that era, would there have been Union and Confederacy tattoo parlors that worked in only blue or gray ink? … We may never know.

We do know that Rourke Suicide likes to “stay in and watch old movies,” though at age 23, that could certainly mean ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ or ‘Teen Wolf.’ Alas, as a time traveler, she might have difficulty determining the definition of an ‘old’ movie.

She’s an enigma, wrapped in a riddle, covered with ink.

Age: 23

Location: Ohio

Occupation: Time traveler.

Gets Her Hot: Men in V-necks. Neck kisses.

Her Idea of a Good Time: Stay in and watch old movies on TV.

Into: Philosophizing, inquiring, speculating, and dreaming.

Hobbies: Traveling, swimming in the ocean, snowboarding, getting tattooed, getting naked, eating, traveling.

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