The search for EB-5 answers continues and the pressure turns up yet another notch.

During a press conference Tuesday in Sioux Falls, South Dakota Democrats Bernie Hunhoff who heads the Minority in the House and Larry Lucas a member of the Government Operations and Audit Committee called for specific witness testimony with conditions at the next GOAC meeting on September 24, 2014.

Lucas who is a legislator from Mission has composed a formal letter that he will send to former Governor Mike Rounds, current Governor Dennis Daugaard, South Dakota Regional Center President Joop Bollen and Aberdeen attorney Jeff Sveen to inquire of their involvement in the EB-5 program.  The four men have been given a deadline of September 3 to comply with the request.  Lucas says the consequence of non-compliance will be a subpoena.

In addition, Hunhoff laid out four rules for the upcoming meeting which would essentially be a hearing.  The first rule would be taking adequate time for discovery which would encompass the entire day.  Second, the testimony would be in-person and be under oath.  Third, equal time for questioning would be allowed for Republicans and Democrats.  Fourth, legislators would be allowed to have legal representation at the meeting.

Hunhoff stated the motivation behind this maneuver comes from the people of South Dakota who have waited too long a conclusion to this matter.