Although there are no official Rolling Stones dates on the books for 2013, Ron Wood is eager to keep the show on the road. Wood tied the knot for a third time on December 21st to 34-year-old theater producer Sally Humphreys with Paul McCartney and Faces band-mate, Rod Stewart serving as the best men.

Wood, who's been loose-lipped in the past about future Stones plans, told The Telegraph that the band plans to keep playing, "until they can no longer stand up. I think of Howlin' Wolf plugging into his kidney machine, however old he was, 80 or something, and still playing. You just rock till you drop."

Ron Wood, who first recorded with the Stones in 1974 and toured with the band the following year, still remembers what it was like to be one of the Stones' original legion of early British fans: "Yeah, well, I still look at it from a far, y'know? It's a bit like. . . it's very surreal to be in this unit where you used to run home from school to watch on the telly, going (claps hands): 'I'm gonna be in that band!' -- Y'know to actually be in that band."