The Rolling Stones' have released the trailer for their upcoming HBO documentary, Crossfire Hurricane. The 50th anniversary retrospective takes its title from a classic lyric from 1968's "Jumpin' Jack Flash," and will premiere on November 15th.

Mick Jagger told us that for a project to truly be successful, it needs to connect with its entire prospective audience: "When you put out a piece of work, you want to have, first, you want to feel 'I like it' and the rest of the musicians, band, whatever, have to like it -- everyone has to like it. And then your friends have to like it, and then you want the public to like it, and you want the critics to like it, so it can work on many levels. So you can be very happy with an album, but nobody else (laughs) likes it -- that's not a success. But it's a big success if you get all of those groups liking it."