Rolling Stones will find out what the band's next move is going to be today (November 19th) when the band makes an official announcement about future live plans. Yesterday, Mick Jagger tweeted a message to fans, saying: "Watch out tomorrow. . . should have some exciting gig news for you, check out"

Longtime bassist Daryl Jones, who replaced Bill Wyman in the band prior to the group's 1994-1995 world tour, said that there are plenty of recent Stones outtakes worthy of release, telling, "When I think back about the recording that I have done with them over the years there is still a lot of stuff that no-one has heard. There is still a lot of very good stuff, A Bigger Bang sessions, going right back to Voodoo Lounge, which was my first record. Everything that we recorded did not make it onto that record. There are some other really great pieces there."

When pressed about upcoming Stones tour plans, Jones said: "I am hoping that that is going to come soon. There are rumblings, like there always are, but I’m hoping that there’s going to be more. I feel like the band is playing really great right now. I felt we had the momentum of the previous year. I think it’s coming together. I don’t think we’ve sounded bad since I’ve been in the band, which is actually more than 20 years since I’ve been with the band. Right now it just gels. At Hyde Park we were really pretty good I think."