Here are some more details on The Rolling Stones' video for their new song "Doom and Gloom," which we first reported on earlier.

It features Swedish actress Noomi Rapace from The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and was filmed in a Paris warehouse. Similar to her character in that movie, she has a dream in which she plays a punk wild child who not only joins the Stones' performance, singing and playing drums, but also trashes the set. You'll also see her:

•Being chased in a Louisiana swamp by evil zombies who end up in a shoot-out.
•Lying semi-naked on a bed of $100 bills then setting fire to the money and flushing it down the toilet.
•Gorging on junk food and throwing up before her head explodes.
•Dancing on the roadside in a skimpy outfit while flashing at unsuspecting motorists.
"Doom and Gloom," along with another new song, "One More Shot," are on the Stones just-released hits collection, GRRR!