Although Pete Townshend has gone on record stating that the Who's 50th anniversary next year would be marked by a final world tour -- Roger Daltrey says that doesn't mean the Who is done. 2014 marks the band's golden anniversary using the Who moniker and the start of drummer Keith Moon's 14-year tenure with the band.

We caught up with Daltrey and he explained that despite Townshend projecting a finite timeline on the band, it's actually life on the road -- not the lifespan of the Who -- that's going to change for them: "I think he needs to clarify what he said and what we mean. We cannot keep doing these month-after-month long extended tours. It is extremely hard, hard work. When we take civilians, as we call them, on the road with us (laughs) they usually last about 10 days and they're exhausted -- just the grind of it. And we have to be realistic, y'know, about our age. But it's not gonna be the last things the Who do; we will be doing events, we will be doing shows -- we might do other things that are more experimental -- but it won't be those long extended tours. Y'know, that's, that's what we're talking about."

The have been no dates announces for the Who's 2014 50th Anniversary Tour.
On July 8th, the Who wrapped its 54-date 2012-2013 Quadrophenia & More Tour at London's Wembley Arena.