Rod Stewart's already making the rounds promoting his upcoming memoir, Rod: The Autobiography, which will be released on October 23rd. He spoke frankly about his legendary womanizing ways -- and admitted that in the end it left him empty, recalling to London's Daily Mail, "I got bored of not feeling affectionate towards girls. I wanted to be in love. I wanted something special. After a while it was sad, it was actually sad. I remember being at a hotel in Cannes and we were shagging ourselves rotten and I said 'This is f***ing depressing.' And it was. You just felt empty. If you're 17 or 18 it's great fun, in your 20's it is fine, but the older you get. . . the more tragic it gets."

Rod Stewart told us that although his recent American Songbook albums have sold incredibly well, these days, getting substantial radio airplay is still tough for an older artist: "You're running up against, y'know, the airplay situation. They don't seem to want to play anybody that's over 35 anymore, y'know, and even over 30. I'm not complaining. Y'know, I think we've had a really good run at it -- the people that came along in the early '70s and are still here, like Elton and (David) Bowie, and myself -- and I don't think anybody can complain if they're playing other people on the radio."