Another rock and roller named Pete has been re-united with a long-lost guitar. Pete Sears, who's played with Rod Stewart, Hot Tuna and Jefferson Starship, lost his one-of-a kind bass during a 1978 concert riot in Germany.

Sears lost the instrument when Starship's Grace Slick -- then at her alcoholic worst -- refused to play the show. Fans ransacked the stage, and the band, fearing their lives, ran from the area, leaving their gear behind. Sears's bass eventually wound up in the hands of a German musician in the early '90s. After seeing a post on a Grateful Dead website asking what had become of it, the musician sold it back to Sears for $3200.

Rolling Stone says the instrument, nicknamed "Dragon" was made from the same piece of wood as Jerry Garcia's "Tiger" and had the same earth-and-eagle design inlaid on its headstock.

Last year, Peter Frampton got back his vintage Les Paul guitar that had been lost in the crash of a cargo plane during a 1980 tour.