Rush drummer Neil Peart has written another long essay about his motorcycle travels on the band's Clockwork Angels tour.

As Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson make their way across the country in tour buses and jets in support of the new album Clockwork Angels, Peart is once again on his motorcycle. He's posted a very long essay on his first month's journey on his website, and he touches on the band's tour. He says, "Deciding to do two different shows on alternate nights, with a number of songs changing, and even a few one-off songs for special occasions, has been uplifting for us. Perhaps most uplifting of all has been adding guest musicians to our show for the first time in our lengthy career. Having the Clockwork Angels String Ensemble join us makes the second set really special... I am not able to watch the string players perform, as they are on a riser behind me, and I can’t listen to them much... But I can certainly feel the energy they bring to their performance, add to our show."

Peart and his motorcycle are headed to Montreal for Rush's show there Thursday night, and then it's south of the border for their first-ever shows in Newark, New Jersey on Saturday and Brooklyn, New York on Monday.