Rod Stewart talked sex, drugs and rock'n'roll on Katie Couric's daytime ABC talk show on Tuesday, as he kicked off the promotion of his memoir, Rod, which hit stores on Monday. The hostess divided the show into three segments, during which she focused her questions on:

•Rod's relationships with the opposite sex -- his marriages and near-marriage and the loss of his virginity, which he turned into the lyrics to "Maggie Mae." Rod says he's probably had sex with no more than 50 women over the years, which for a traveling rock star isn't all that many -- he cited former Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman, who claims to have slept with more than 2,000 women.

•Rod's drug-taking, which he minimized, saying he's never been to rehab and that for him it's always been "a social thing."

Pressed by Couric, he confirmed a story about a time he and Ronnie Wood were doing cocaine "the way the French take their medicine, in little capsules put up their bottom." He says they did it because snorting was destroying Ronnie's nose and Rod's voice.

•Rock 'n' roll. Rod spoke about his friendly competition with Elton John over the years; he and Wood being stalked by, and trying to avoid, Janis Joplin; some of his more embarrassing fashion choices and the critical reaction to "Do You Think I'm Sexy," and his belief that in-ear monitors have saved his singing career.

•In a segment called "Fact or Fiction," Stewart cleared up some of the many rumors that have followed him throughout his career. At the show's conclusion he admitted to being a hypochondriac, said he's finally done having children and said the biggest lesson he's learned is "the power of the human spirit: never die and just keep on pushing."