Paul McCartney has been in the studio with producer Ethan Johns -- son of legendary producer Glyn Johns. Ethan spoke to and revealed that McCartney has also been recording with producer Mark Ronson -- a close friend of Sean Lennon's. Ethan, who recently worked with Joe Cocker, said McCartney's new material sounds like "classic Paul."

He went on to say: "This is very different to the last album. We've done two sessions already and the third is in a few weeks. It's sounding great. He's still one of the most extraordinary recording talents. There's a song on the record called 'Hosanna' which is absolutely heartbreaking -- just Paul and an acoustic guitar. It's gorgeous. . . I know he's also been in the studio with Mark Ronson, which I imagine is going to be quite current-sounding."

Ethan admitted he wasn't sure if any of the material they worked on will definitely make the final cut of the upcoming album, and added: "I'm not sure what it is. I'm simply a guy in his phone book he calls up every now and again and asks if I want to do something. And you don't say no to McCartney. I mean, who would?"

Paul McCartney has been writing songs for 55 years and admits that more often than not, it's the music that inspires the lyrics: "The truth is, it can be any way. Y'know, 'cause interviewers over the years have asked, 'Which come first' -- and I remember, 'All My Loving' was a words thing, I just wrote it on a coach and I had those words and then I put a tune to it -- but most of my stuff isn't like that. Most of my stuff is a tune looking for words." . .