The marketing gurus that are KISS, have another pricy buy for the KISS fan on your holiday shopping list.

The Casablanca Singles 1974-1982 packages 29 vinyl singles KISS issued during their first nine years as recording artists -- including five from the members' 1978 solo albums, four of them on colored vinyl. All but three come with picture sleeves that were issued in various countries and many of the recordings featured entirely different mixes, edits, and material that did not appear on any album. In addition, there's:

•a custom KISS 45s box
•a 36-page Booklet with unreleased photos and track annotations
•a mask for each member

The vinyl collection, which has been limited to 2,500 copies, comes out December 4th, carries a $270 price tag and is only available via the website.

There's also a version with 29 individual CDs that is available through traditional retailers at a lower price. It comes out the same day.

In other KISS product news, current guitarist Tommy Thayer has announced that his signature Spaceman Les Paul by Epiphone is finally here and will soon be available in guitar shops everywhere.