The Doors Live at the Bowl '68 is now on DVD (among multiple formats) marking the first time the show has been released in it's entirety.

Most bands tell you the DVD sounds jut like it did that night in the venue, but co-founder Ray Manzarek says it was far better sounding where he was sitting that night: "(Laughs) Are you kidding?!? It doesn't sound like it sounds onstage! I'm sitting in front of huge amplifiers, y'know? There's nothing in the world that sounds like being onstage. That is reserved only for us divinely blessed musicians, who get to work with our buddies and enter some sort of Zen state of madness, Dionysian state of chaos, of oneness, and just pounding, throbbing music. That's what we, the musicians, get."

The tracklisting to the Doors' Live At The Bowl '68 is: Show Start/Intro, "When The Music's Over," "Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)," "Back Door Man," "Five To One," "Back Door Man (Reprise)," "The WASP (Texas Radio And The Big Beat)," "Hello, I Love You," "Moonlight Drive," "Horse Latitudes," "A Little Game," "The Hill Dwellers," "Spanish Caravan,' "Hey, What Would You Guys Like To Hear?," "Wake Up!," "Light My Fire (Segue)," "Light My Fire," "The Unknown Soldier," "The End (Segue)."