It seems like we've been talking about Aerosmith's Music From Another Dimension all year and it's not too far from the truth as the release date was pushed back a couple of times. The new Aerosmith CD is finally due next week (November 6) so the band is going to be on TV a few times to help promote the release.

Today (November 1st) the band will perform on CBS' The Late Show With David Letterman, with Steven Tyler and Joe Perry sitting down to chat with Letterman after the band's performance. On Friday (November 2nd), the band will be up early to perform a live outdoor set at NBC's The Today Show. After that, Tyler and Perry will hop uptown to stop by for a chat on The View, as well as making an appearance on VH1 Big Morning Buzz Live.

On Monday, the day before the new album hits the streets, Aerosmith will be performing somewhere in their hometown of Boston, but they're cooperating with city authorities, who will only let them reveal the location of the outdoor concert the day of the event.