Robert Plant says he has been writing lots of songs over the past year, but he is not saying if it is for a solo project or -- wishful thinking -- a Led Zeppelin reunion.

"I like the way my voice sounds now. It's not the same as it was years ago. I'm not a castrato anymore, but I've learned to get down into that pocket and have it sound good. So here I go again... Over the years, I've seen all of these artists that I respect that are able to create all of these amalgamations with other artists. I've watched the way John Paul Jones has worked throughout his life as a musician. I have great respect for him. He's right in the middle of writing an opera right now and people are taking him seriously as a writer in the classical mode. But he can also play in Them Crooked Vultures and play mandolin with Seasick Steve. I've learned that it's good to keep moving and keep smiling!"

And Robert, remember, Jones can also play in Led Zeppelin.

Plant starts a North American tour on June 20th in Dallas.