Since 1997, former Deep Purple and Rainbow guitarist Ritchie Blackmore has concentrated on Renaissance music with his wife, Candice Night and their band, Blackmore's Night. Though he insists he has no interest in rejoining Deep Purple, Blackmore recently said he's not opposed to revisiting the music he made with them or with Rainbow. "I'm proud of what I have written in the past, and I'm even thinking of maybe doing three to four shows where I play exclusively Deep Purple and Rainbow stuff just to appease the nostalgic feeling of Blackmore’s Night fans who still enjoy my '70 and '80s recordings. I will never quit what I am doing today, but such concerts could be enjoyable and sort of a reward to my devoted fans."

Blackmore's Night just released a new album, Dancer & the Moon, and they are on tour in England with a show in Newcastle Friday night.