Besides discussing changes and additions to Sioux Falls bus routes, the Public Transit Advisory Board also received a report on 2013 ridership and other statistics regarding the Sioux Area Metro.

Ridership in 2013 was down slightly compared to 2012 on fixed routes, at approximately 1,020,000. Paratransit ridership was down as well, at approximately 143,000 riders. Staff blamed December’s cold spell for a sizeable plummet in riders.

September had the most riders for fixed route service and October for paratransit ridership.

Fixed route expenses per passenger were about the same as 2012 at just over $3.35. Paratransit ridership increased approximately a dollar per rider to about $24.25 per passenger.

And there was good financial news. The system exceeded projected revenues by over $55,000 and expenses were over $220,000 under projections.