As if the rock world wasn't buzzing enough with the release of "Doom And Gloom" -- the first new original Rolling Stones single in six years -- word is that tickets for their upcoming 50th anniversary shows will go on sale next week. has been the source with the inside scoop on the shows, with Roger Friedman posting last night: "The Rolling Stones will indeed play a few 50th anniversary concerts. And I am told they will go on sale next week -- a press release will go out on Monday (October 15th) I am told. Ticketmaster will handle the sales. All hell is going to break loose, too. This is an update from my earlier post about sales this weekend. What's the hold up? 'Not everything is done,' my source says. Even the documentary, Crossfire Hurricane, is not completely ready for the London Film Festival debut next week. So be patient."

Although nothing has been officially confirmed, the site posted that the band will play London's O2 Arena during the last week of November, and "approximately December 15th and 16th -- or thereabouts" for Newark, New Jersey's Prudential Center. Dates are also said to be forthcoming for Brooklyn's Barclays Center, but that the deal hasn't been ironed out yet.

Mick Jagger says that due to the fact that rock is among the oldest genres in popular music, new artists have to fight harder to break new ground as the decades roll on: "I mean, the only thing is, it's been going longer as a musical form, so rock music as defined by . . . so, four blokes playing in a band was quite new in the early-'60s. So, the whole idea of a form -- the form is old now. So it's two -- how many generations, two, three generations? So, it's like an old thing being handed down now. So, I don't know. It's probably difficult to make such a splash as it was for that reason."