Some folks say it's why we live here in South Dakota. The change of seasons. But a change of season in 2 minutes? It was 75 years ago this month, January 22 to be exact, that people in Spearfish probably didn't know what the heck was happening!

You see, one minute it was 4 degrees below zero. A bit on the cold side for sure, but not all that unusual. But then... 2 minutes later it was 45 degrees. That's right, in 2 minutes the temperature rose 49 degrees! Let me say that one more time... 2 minutes!

Then it bumped up to 54...before falling back to 4 below zero. And that all happened in one morning. These poor folks went from parka to sweater to t-shirt and back to parka.

The huge and fast temperature change reportedly cracked windows and instantly frosted car windows to the point drivers just pulled over and stopped.

So what in the world (or other-world?) caused this weather phenomenon?

Well, apparently an extremely cold blast from the north and east ran smack dab into an extremely warm air flow from the west and...voila! Once the winds calmed back down the cold air mass took over again.

Oh, it caught national attention alright and in fact even made the then hugely popular 'Ripley's Believe It Or Not'.

The Rapid City Journal and the Associated Press Contributed To This Article

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