Randy Bachman has lots of ideas for potential band names -- and they all seem to involve initials.

Last year, Bachman said he'd be open to working again with his former Guess Who bandmate Burton Cummings, adding that perhaps Cummings could join Bachman and Fred Turner and call it TCB – Turner, Cummings and Bachman. He noted that would also the initials of Bachman-Turner Overdrive’s biggest hit, "Takin’ Care of Business." He then said maybe they could get Neil Young, another Winnipeg legend, and call it TCBY.

But on the just completed Rock Legends Cruise Two, Bachman told us that someone had suggested another name. "WPG, which is short for Winnipeg… So that might happen for some charity or something."

Randy Bachman talks about the new name someone suggested for his Winnipeg supergroup.