Queen guitarist and astrophysicist Brian May is one of the world's smartest musicians, according to Time magazine. Its editors gave each artist a "brainiac rating on a scale of one to 11," and May is an 11.

Time says the 10 chosen artists all share "a genuine passion for learning and some darn good study habits." In addition to May, the list includes:

•Tom Scholz - Boston guitarist and mechanical engineer - Brainiac Rating: 9
•Greg Graffin - Bad Religion singer and paleontologist - Brainiac Rating: 10
•Laurie Anderson - performance artist and sculptor (also the wife of Lou Reed) - Brainiac Rating: 8
•John Perry Barlow - Grateful Dead lyricist and Internet pioneer - Brainiac Rating: 9
•Robert Leonard - Sha Na Na singer and professor and director of Hofstra University’s Institute for Forensic Linguistics - Brainiac Rating: 10
•Sterling Morrison - late Velvet Underground guitarist and bassist with a Ph.D. in medieval literature - Brainiac Rating: 9
•Tom Morello - Rage Against the Machine guitarist with a degree in social studies - Brainiac Rating: 8
•Dexter Holland - Offspring singer and guitarist with a master’s degree in molecular biology - Brainiac Rating: 9
•Colin Greenwood - Radiohead bassist and student of American literature - Brainiac Rating: 8