Sioux Falls Police are piecing together what happened late Sunday night at 11th Street and Prairie Avenue.

"We had a man walking to a casino," explained Police Spokesman Sam Clemens, "and he was stopped by what turned out to be our suspect. The suspect knows the victim's brother and made a comment that the brother owes the suspect money. The victim offered to pay some money. The suspect refused. The victim then went to a casino. After finishing up there, he was confronted in an alley by eight men."

That's when a fight broke out!

"The person that initially confronted the victim made some type of signal to the men. They all jumped the victim and attacked him. The victim was hit in the back with a baseball bat. Somebody had a knife and ended up cutting the victim's hand."

Clemens says the investigation continues.

"We have a whole lot of questions and don't know who is involved. We do know there were six black men and two white men. Only four of those eight people attacked the victim."

Clemens says the victim was able to run from the scene and made his way to the hospital.

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